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Epicons Infrastructure is focused on offering competitive advantages in executing turnkey projects.

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About Rushabh Group

We design, build, operate and manage multiple projects that strive to protect the environment, enrich human lives and develop the infrastructure that stays iconic for years to come.

Our philosophy is geared to preserve the resources for a better, sustainable future. Rushabh Group is the backbone for a better world. A Better Future! ​


About Epicons

Epicons Infrastructure is focused on offering competitive advantages in executing turnkey projects and enhancing the development of infrastructure with an aim to stimulate economic growth.

The firm strives to expand into other infrastructure industries like transportation, energy, and green infrastructure. We integrate efficient and economical manpower, with innovation and cutting-edge technology, fulfilling project tasks within the stipulated time frame intending to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Epicons presents a unified platform for Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Infrastructure Development delivering the highest standards in all aspects.

We Are Delivering High Quality Projects

We create memorable experiences in our functional space, meeting challenges, making the most of the opportunity for developing great architecture. Our adroit team of experts, listen carefully and act innovatively on a consistent basis, ensuring the optimal use of latest technologies and available resources in recreating a sustainable environment.
Our Services

Civil Engineering

Epicons Infrastructure delivers efficient, cost-effective planning and engineering services to clients in order to build locations that fulfil their unique functional, aesthetic, and environmental requirements. To fulfill the demands of owners, architects, contractors, and institutional agencies, our experienced civil/site engineers collaborate closely with landscape architects, geotechnical and environmental engineers, environmental scientists, and surveyors.

MEP Engineering

Our engineering talent is diverse and spans multiple disciplines on our team. Under our roof, you will find all of the services you require to complete your project: MEP Engineering Services Company. Our approach is the same whether your project is simple or complex: we provide you with all of the resources you need for a complete MEP engineering design through a single point of contact. We've worked on a variety of residential and commercial building construction and renovation projects over the years, and MEP engineering is one of our specialties. Our engineers are certified, licensed, and always up to date on industry developments.

HVAC and Fire Fighting

Commercial buildings must be equipped and prepared to assist with firefighting efforts should the need arise. Commercial buildings are rife with fire hazards, ranging from equipment failures to human error, and the faster the firefighters can get in and do their job, the better the outcome. Certain aspects of air handlers, heating and cooling unit location, and the presence of exhaust fans will either help or hinder the firefighting team's efforts to put out a commercial building fire. We install commercial HVAC systems at Epicons Infra so that they are in a convenient location with tools and configurations that will assist firefighters if needed

Fabrication and Erecrion of Pre-Engineered and Pre-Fabricated Structures

At Epicons Infrastructure, prefabricated structures are our stronghold. We have our own manufacturing facility. Prefabrication allows for end-to-end quick and easy operations. These are made from high-quality materials and are designed to set industry standards. These steel structures are widely preferred for features such as low maintenance, heat insulation, and a variety of other factors that meet industrial requirements. Contrary to popular belief, these structures are long-lasting and simple to install

Water Conservation and Rain Water Harvesting System

Depending on your specific requirements or stage of development, we offer a full range of rainwater harvesting system services. We are rainwater system engineers who provide system design services, but we are also "rainwater system general contractors." Depending on the type and extent of your rainwater harvesting system design, our customised systems may necessitate the coordination of several different contractors. As a result, we can handle everything from design to installation

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We are Trust, Quality and Ethics.

Epicons Infrastructure is your one-stop destination for comprehensive, compliant, and consistent engineering solutions. We originated with a deep grasp of client demands and have evolved to become an industry leader by listening to our clients and offering full industrial engineering solutions.

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